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Working with the Tabular layout

This brief tutorial will highlight the key aspects to consider when using the Tabular layout.   This document can be viewed online at: GoalOur goal is the simple table of posts seen on the Architect Demos site Blueprint Design Blueprint Design After creating a new Blueprint and entering information for the Title and Short…

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Using Advanced Custom Fields and Snippets to make a Pricing Table

In this tutorial, we will learn about using the custom fields feature of Architect by using the very popular Advanced Custom Fields plugin and Architect’s own Snippet post type, to make a product pricing table. In this tutorial we’ll learn about: Custom fields Custom CSS Custom taxonomies Snippets This tutorial covers custom CSS which involves…

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Building your first Architect Slider layout

This tutorial will help you build a slider using Architect. There is a strong school of thought against the use of sliders on websites for various reasons. One of the main reasons is later slides don’t get viewed as often as the first couple. Therefore, it is wise when using sliders to order the slides…

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Building your first Architect layout – a 3×3 grid layout

Goal: A 3×3 grid of excerpts The goal of this tutorial is a three by three grid of excerpts, using the dummy content type as shown. This document can be viewed online at: a new Blueprint 1:¬†Create a new BlueprintArchitect provides two means of creating a new Blueprint. For this tutorial, we are going…

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