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Masonry filtering and sorting

Architect 1.5 added the ability to have filtering and sorting options on Masonry layouts.   This document can be viewed online at: Filtering and Sorting Enabling Filtering and SortingOnce you set your Layout type as Masonry, you will get a Masonry tab. In that you can enable Filtering, Sorting or both. Filtering FilteringEnable Filtering…

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Sharing Blueprint slides with the arcshare shortcode

Architect 1.5 introduced a method to share specific slides (or any panel actually). This can be useful for site visitors who wish to share images in galleries.   This document can be viewed online at:[ arcshare ] shortcode [ arcshare ] shortcode¬†To add sharing links to your Blueprint, include a meta field in your…

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Importing Blueprints and Presets.

From Architect v1.4, you can import Blueprints and Presets within Architect itself. Previously you could only import Blueprints through the WP Import menu. Read the Exporting Blueprints and making Presets tutorial for information on that part of the process. This document can be viewed online at: to the Architect Tools screen Go to the…

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Displaying custom fields

In this tutorial, we will show just the steps for displaying and configuring some custom fields. There is an advanced tutorial that goes into more depth that shows a specific project involving Advanced Custom Fields (from which these steps have been extracted): Using Advanced Custom Fields and Snippets to make a Pricing Table So, if…

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Using Architect’s Animations

The most requested feature – since even before Architect was officially released – was animations. And in Architect 1.2, they are here. Animations in Architect animate the panels containing your content, or the individual content components. They do not allow you to add and animate content within their settings.   This document can be viewed…

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Using Architect’s device adaptive settings

Architect 1.2 introduced an exceptionally powerful handling of device specific design. Normally in responsive design, you build one site fits all and then make it squish, squeeze or stretch in response to the device it is displayed. Companies with lots of money usually build a separate mobile site, after prefixed with an m, e.g.…

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