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GalleryPlus gallery in Architect

In this tutorial, we will look at how to use GalleryPlus galleries in Architect. GalleryPlus was an add-on for the Headway theme framework. It should be noted that Architect does not include layouts for the horizontal accordion or the rotating carousel. Of course, you can do grids, sliders, sliding carousels, masonry, tabbed, vertical accordion and…

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Making a grid using the alternating feature option

Architect v1.4 introduced an Alternating Feature option that swaps the featured image (or video) left/right with each successive post.   This document can be viewed online at: column Single columnAt the moment, the single column alternating feature is very popular, and not surprisingly, as it adds interest and energy where previously there was rigid…

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Setting and using Focal Points

What is a Focal Point? In any image, the photographer intends one point in that image to be the most important. Therefore, when you crop an image, you want to be sure you retain that point in the image. WordPress has a set of arbitrary focal points built-in, but these are often ineffective especially with…

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