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Importing Blueprints and Presets.

From Architect v1.4, you can import Blueprints and Presets within Architect itself. Previously you could only import Blueprints through the WP Import menu. Read the Exporting Blueprints and making Presets tutorial for information on that part of the process. This document can be viewed online at: to the Architect Tools screen Go to the…

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Exporting Blueprints and Making your own Presets

As of Architect v1.4, you can now import Blueprints and Presets. This also means, you can make your own Presets. If you are a designer, you could even sell them!   This document can be viewed online at: startedGetting started A Blueprint is saved in a text file that you can then import later, or…

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Architect action and filter hooks

Architect has many hooks to enable developers to extend and modify it. Last update: v1.4.0   File Filter Name Arguments /application/admin/php/arc-options.php   arc-extend-options apply_filters(‘arc-extend-options’,$this->sections) /application/admin/php/arc-save-process-blueprints.php   arc_blueprint_css apply_filters(‘arc_blueprint_css’, $pzarc_contents ) /application/admin/php/class_arc_blueprints_designer.php   arc_editor_tabs apply_filters(‘arc_editor_tabs’, $fields)   arc-slider-engine apply_filters(‘arc-slider-engine’, array(‘slick’ => ‘Slick’)   arc-transitions apply_filters(‘arc-transitions’, $transitions)   arc-extend-slider-settings apply_filters(‘arc-extend-slider-settings’, $sections[ ‘_slidertabbed’ ])   arc-extend-masonry-settings apply_filters(‘arc-extend-masonry-settings’,$sections[ ‘_masonry’…

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