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Fields not saving

Architect is very powerful but this means Blueprints have many options. This can cause a problem with PHP’s default setting  “max_input_vars”. In case you encounter this problem with other plugins, I’ve retained this info: This is a problem that could affect any plugin that saves a lot of information, such as WooCommerce, Gravity forms or Advanced Custom…

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Masonry filtering and sorting

Architect 1.5 added the ability to have filtering and sorting options on Masonry layouts.   This document can be viewed online at: Filtering and Sorting Enabling Filtering and SortingOnce you set your Layout type as Masonry, you will get a Masonry tab. In that you can enable Filtering, Sorting or both. Filtering FilteringEnable Filtering…

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Displaying custom fields

In this tutorial, we will show just the steps for displaying and configuring some custom fields. There is an advanced tutorial that goes into more depth that shows a specific project involving Advanced Custom Fields (from which these steps have been extracted): Using Advanced Custom Fields and Snippets to make a Pricing Table So, if…

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Using Advanced Custom Fields and Snippets to make a Pricing Table

In this tutorial, we will learn about using the custom fields feature of Architect by using the very popular Advanced Custom Fields plugin and Architect’s own Snippet post type, to make a product pricing table. In this tutorial we’ll learn about: Custom fields Custom CSS Custom taxonomies Snippets This tutorial covers custom CSS which involves…

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