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Architect action and filter hooks

Architect has many hooks to enable developers to extend and modify it. Last update: v1.4.0   File Filter Name Arguments /application/admin/php/arc-options.php   arc-extend-options apply_filters(‘arc-extend-options’,$this->sections) /application/admin/php/arc-save-process-blueprints.php   arc_blueprint_css apply_filters(‘arc_blueprint_css’, $pzarc_contents ) /application/admin/php/class_arc_blueprints_designer.php   arc_editor_tabs apply_filters(‘arc_editor_tabs’, $fields)   arc-slider-engine apply_filters(‘arc-slider-engine’, array(‘slick’ => ‘Slick’)   arc-transitions apply_filters(‘arc-transitions’, $transitions)   arc-extend-slider-settings apply_filters(‘arc-extend-slider-settings’, $sections[ ‘_slidertabbed’ ])   arc-extend-masonry-settings apply_filters(‘arc-extend-masonry-settings’,$sections[ ‘_masonry’…

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Displaying Blueprints

There are seven methods to displaying a Blueprint. In order of required technical know-how (easiest first), these are: Headway Block : If you are using Headway, simply place the Architect block, and then select the Blueprint to display. Widget : Select Architect widget on WP Admin widgets screen Shortcode : Place your cursor in the…

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