Displaying Blueprints

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  • There are seven methods to displaying a Blueprint. In order of required technical know-how (easiest first), these are:

    • Headway Block : If you are using Headway, simply place the Architect block, and then select the Blueprint to display.
    • Widget : Select Architect widget on WP Admin widgets screen
    • Shortcode : Place your cursor in the body content where you want the Blueprint to appear, and select it from the dropdown at the top of the editor. Alternatively, add [ architect blueprint=“blueprint” ids=“overrides”] in your content at the point you want the Blueprint to appear.
    • Architect Builder: The Architect Builder appears on the WP Page Editor screen. It provides a simple drag and drop interface for arranging Blueprints. You do have to change the page Template in Page Attributes box to Architect Builder
    • Actions editor : Enter the action name, Blueprint and pages to appear on
    • Action call : Add new showBlueprint(’action’, ’blueprint’, ’pageids’); to your functions.php. It should be in a function added to init action, and should be conditional on class_exists( 'showBlueprint');
    • Template tag : Add pzarchitect(’blueprint’); to your template at the point you want the Blueprint to appear


    blueprint = the shortname of the Blueprint to display.

    overrides = a comma separated list of the media ids to display instead. Very useful for easily converting a WordPress gallery shortcode. eg change to [ architect blueprint=“mygallery” ids=“1,2,3,4,5”]

    action = the name of the action hook where you want the Blueprint to appear

    pageids = a comma separated list of names or numeric ids of the pages to display the Blueprint.

    NOTE: In Architect Options, you can also select any Blueprint with Galleries as the content source to override the WordPress Gallery shortcode layout.