What is Architect?

Build custom content layouts your theme or page builder can't.

Architect is a multi-purpose, all-in-one content layout plugin for making dynamic, content driven layouts like sliders, galleries, grids, carousels, tabular, accordions, tabbed, masonry and more.

Architect is a power tool for power users.

In developer speak, it essentially gives you a flexible and powerful front-end to the WordPress loop that is compatible with all WordPress themes and page builders.

Much of the content on this page is laid out using Architect. But for a comprehensive demonstration, be sure to check out the demo site.

Freedom of Unlimited Possibilities




Best Plugin Ever!

I'm thrilled with this plugin! It's literally transformed the way my theme looks and it was super easy to use. It's one of the best plugins I've ever owned.


A great tool for flexible layouts

I love Architect because it gives me lots of ways to present information from posts, snippets or even image galleries.

Frank Gomez

Constant improvements

Chris and co. are constantly improving. In fact, when I migrated my sites from Headway to Beaver Builder, there was one plugin that came with me, Architect!

Cemil Alyanak

Love Architect!

LOVE Architect!!!

Sagar Constantin

Architect is brilliant

One of my *always install* plugins for client projects. I always find a need for this plugin... minimizes the amount of work required for building out site pages. Ties in very well with other WordPress tools that I use regularly! Highly recommend.

Jaime Slutzky

Architect is amazing

Architect gives me the freedom to design my sites with amazing precision and styling for my clients. It allows me to display their content in any way I can imagine, it truly does give me the ability to be the architect of my design.

Jon Mather